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Don’t Make a Move Without Knowing Your Options

Divorce mediation is a smarter way out of the costly and time-consuming court divorce proceedings for those couples in Miami metro area who are planning to divorce or legally split. Divorce mediation may be a better choice if you and your partner or spouse are considering a divorce or legal separation, but want to avoid the emotionally taxing and expensive nature of official divorce proceedings. 

In such situations, the experienced and sensitive touch of a skilled, unbiased attorneys and mediators can help you negotiate touchy situations and still preserve the integrity of the family.

Miami family law attorneys of are committed to assisting you in identifying and resolving all complexities arising during your legal separation or divorce, including the following:

  • Divorce Issues/Matters
  • Divorce Mediation Services
  • Divorce mediation vs. trial
  • Child Custody mediation
  • Spousal support mediation

Our carefully experienced divorce mediators will assist you in reaching a mutually agreeable settlement that is tailored to your family’s needs in a non-adversarial, caring, structured, and comfortable environment. 

Divorce Issues/Matters

Divorce comprises several issues that spouses have to either agree on or proceed to trial before a judge for a court decision. Common issues in divorce cases include:

  1. Child custody and child support
  2. Spousal support/ spousal maintenance/ alimony
  3. Relocation cases
  4. Division of debt
  5. Division of property
  6. Paternity.

Such divorce issues/ matters can be heard and decided or agreed upon in court or in divorce mediation. On the one hand, court decisions are usually binding, whereas mediation agreements are strictly non-binding.

Solving divorce matters in court can be emotionally, financially, and time-draining. On the other hand, divorce mediations help both parties come to a reasonable understanding of the divorce issues without going overboard emotionally or financially. 

A divorce mediation lawyer should be trained and experienced in listening to such disputes and helping both parties agree. Are you looking to settle our divorce issues in the best way possible?

Our Miami divorce mediation attorneys can help you and your partner agree on common divorce matters such as child custody and alimony. We give both parties a chance to support their cases and prompt a mutually agreeable decision from both parties. Contact our Miami law family attorneys to get you started on divorce mediation matters. 

Divorce Mediation Services

The divorce mediation process doesn’t have to be as devastating as the prospect of ending your marriage. Divorce mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process striving to preserve your family’s financial and emotional resources while reaching an agreement that respects and considers everyone’s welfare. It is an affordable alternative to litigating in court to resolve your family’s legal issues before, during, and after divorce. 

Our Miami divorce mediation lawyers can help divorce spouses file the necessary paperwork to begin the divorce action. We can also help you professionally mediate contested issues and prepare a Marital Settlement Agreement to finalize your Miami divorce. Is your divorce already in progress, or you’ve already retained counsel? Fortunately, you can still save yourself a lot of money and time by turning to our Miami divorce mediation lawyers to complete the job effectively.

Our Miami divorce mediation attorneys’ roles include:

  • Creating a cooperative environment where you can feel safe to discuss issues openly
  • Staying neutral, listening, assisting both parties in remaining focused, and exploring key underlying interests while maintaining a balance of power.

Contact our Miami family law attorneys to start your Miami divorce mediation process.

Divorce Mediation Vs. Trial

Are you considering litigation to handle your divorce case and settlement? Litigation can be a hectic process compared to mediation. 

Divorce litigation put spouses at odds with each other. Litigation takes a strict and less flexible alternative to solving disputes. 

On the other hand, divorce mediation can help reduce the conflict and stress surrounding the separation without putting ex-partners at odds with each other. Divorce mediation is a quicker and less expensive option than litigation. It is the perfect option for individuals who can work together and seek mutually-beneficial compromises. 

The advantages of choosing divorce mediation vs. going to trial include:

  • The process is relatively information
  • While the paperwork can go to court, there are no court appearances for both parties
  • The outcome of typical divorce mediation processes is tailored to individual clients
  • It allows both parties ample opportunities to discuss and resolve issues surrounding the divorce in the presence of a neutral party.
  • It is highly confidential, with no public records.
  • Divorce meditation reduces emotional distress. Trials put spouses against each other, making it hard for each party to be emotionally stable and mature to deal with each other after the proceedings.
  • Divorce mediation saves you time and money. The cost of divorce mediation is substantially lesser than trials, since both parties will likely share the cost of mediation. Furthermore, getting a court date to resolve one or several divorce issues can take days or months to draft, sign, and file final judgments.

Our Miami divorce mediation attorneys are trained to help partners reduce conflict and construct mutually beneficial solutions. We can help you ease the emotional and financial distress of litigation by mediating your divorce settlements in all fairness.

Child Custody Mediation

Child custody agreements are a normal part of a divorce. The question of who gets custody of your child can be emotionally distressing if mishandled. A child custody mediation attorney can help you agree with your spouse amicably to avoid strict court decisions. 

As your child custody mediator, we will work with both parents to create an effective co-parenting plan designed on mutual respect, patience, and consistency for all parties involved, including the children. We work with you to cover every aspect of your future parenting arrangements. The co-parenting plan will have a built-in framework to effectively solve unforeseen conflicts without going to trial.

Child custody mediation aims to give each of you a chance to spend time with your child. By enhancing and agreeing to cohesion in the presence of our child custody mediation attorneys, you can also eliminate any doubts, fear, or confusion your child likely feels.

Spousal Support Mediation

Spousal support is included and determined by the same factors as with a trial. However, since mediation opens up the conversations before heading to trial, you can take sufficient time to make decisions likely to affect your financial situation directly. You can contact our Miami spousal support mediation lawyers to help you understand the role of spousal support and how we determine it in meditation. 

Our Miami spousal support mediators allow you and your partner to negotiate your own spousal support based on:

  1. What the providing partner can afford
  2. What the receiving partner needs for sustenance. 

Our mediator’s role is to guide the conversation to its most beneficial outcomes, unlike in court proceedings. Unfortunately, most courts overlook the ability of the providing partner to pay support and what the recipient actually needs, as well as the length of the marriage. Rest assured, we can mediate such talks to help you and your spouse agree on support without straining the giver and recipient.

Whether Divorce Mediation is the best option or you are facing spousal support and child custody cases, our Attorneys will help you. Our experienced attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in different areas of Family Law.

Our Attorneys are also experts in handling agreements like prenuptial agreements or Visitation ones. For every need in the realm of Family Law, our Law Firm is positioned as a professional and expert partner, ready to represent you and your interests. Contact us to get a free consultation!